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The Madness of Stephen Paddock

Reportedly a pic of Stephen Paddock, in what looks like banal i.d. style photo.

Reportedly a pic of Stephen Paddock, in what looks like banal i.d. style photo.

Death In Vegas

More American Gun Violence,
and The Glamorization of Madness

by Reviewer Rob

Stephen Paddock, the Law Vegas shooter and local resident, retiree, professional real estate investor with an estimated personal net worth of 5 million dollars, gambler, former mail carrier, I.R.S. agent and accountant, killed 59 people from his large thirty-second floor Mandalay Bay corner suite. Another 500 or more ended up wounded or injured. More may eventually die of their wounds, hard to say. Many will likely succumb to an early demise down the road due to the trauma and depression of disability resulting from being shot. But let’s not give Paddock full credit as a gunman for all 500+ injured. Those hurt from being trampled by other concert goers don’t count as much, and some just fell as they ran, twisting an ankle or hitting a knee or spraining a wrist. So let’s say Paddock wounded half with his bullets. Add that to the 59 killed and you have an estimate of 309 struck. He was shooting for about 10 minutes. Some say 9, others say 11. That’s about one victim every two seconds. And we know from the recorded audio on video that he took breaks. Still more reason to marvel. Wow. Modern firearm technology is mightily efficient. That one man could dispatch such damage in so short an interval is nothing short of breathtaking. Good job NRA. Good job!

People should stop describing Stephen Paddock as a “madman” and a “psychopath”. His actions in Vegas were sociopathic and that of a baddy but fully thought-out and rational. He exhibited careful planning throughout his life and then even at the end, at the last, when he saw he was going to get caught, he demonstrated he knew the gravity of his act by killing himself as a way of escaping paying for his crime. These were the actions of a full-on asshole, but not someone who had lost his mind. He knew right from wrong and appreciated full well the consequences of his deeds. He was a 64 year-old, angry, retired, rich asshole who took care of his girlfriend, had lots of success in very competitive businesses, possessed plenty of governmental licences and endorsements, yet got tired of this world and wanted to make a notorious exit while taking out lots of other people with him. The tragic part is that in our society, given his social status and the current laws, he had plenty of means to do it, and do it SPECTACULARLY.

Leaked crime scene photo of the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock.

Leaked crime scene photo of the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock.

the eclipse was a wash

totality 2017

Reviewer Rob

So I went to Aiken, South Carolina, last August to see the total solar eclipse and it was sunny the whole time except for the hour before, during and after the eclipse event. That’s when it clouded up as if on cue. The clouds kind of broke up a little bit during the peak eclipse moments, and when it got darkest out all the night-time insects in the woods began chirping, buzzing and chirping at once in a cacophonous chorus of nocturnal alarm.

That was cool. But still, the sky could have been clear, or at least clearer.

I was originally planning a trip to see the event in Eugene, Oregon, and had even booked a hotel room there as a launching pad to drive out to Salem where the path of totality was expected to be fullest. Then I remembered I had a nephew on the East Coast and change my travel plans. Word is that the Oregon sky was cloudless. So it goes.

Below is one of the photos from Aiken as the sudden drop in temperature caused the afternoon thunderhead to thin out. Heavenly objects in alignment!

Surf like Tom Sawyer

While You Can

surfing as a portal

by Reviewer Rob

I’ve always liked how surfing snaps you back into a relationship with the natural world. You can live in the most urbanized environment, yet the moment you paddle out you’re in untamed nature.

These are layers of fossilized oysters forming a ledge at the base of the bluff south of the Del Mar Rivermouth. There was another softer bed similar to this high up on Mount Soledad in La Jolla and an old man who lived there said the oyster shells were left by Indians who harvested them and cooked them for food. “They had a real nice spot here,” he said. Not sure if these Del Mar shells were from a similar event or if that’s even true — these may have been growing here under water and uplift raised then to their current location — but it’s an example of how the edge of the sea is a yet wild portal to a universe free of human influence.

I feel so lucky I learned to surf here in San Diego as a young kid and have all those fine memories of living like Tom Sawyer at the beach in the waves. I hope this life never ends, but I know one day everything does. I’ll enjoy it while I still can.

Fossil oysters at the beach.

Fossil oysters at the beach.

flood relief for Harvey

Hurricane Harvey

and other acts of god

by Reviewer Rob

“There if not by Grace go I,” it’s a saying you’ve heard many times when witnessing some unfortunate other experiencing hardship. But it’s a truism that’s on my mind while watching the environmental and economic tragedy in Houston unfolding right now. Many many many times over the last 12 years I’ve considered relocating from the mild and sunny climes of Southern California to that Texan powerhouse of a city. Had I done so my residence and all my possessions could very well be under several inches of sludgy effluent and I’d be like countless citizens there without prospects for an easy recovery. The help those stricken people will need is going to be immense.
#houston #harvey #floodrelief #fema

p.s. Imagine if Harvey was YOUR name. You would h8 to be living in the region and actually being NAMED Harvey atm. lol

Poolside Mentoring


Scene: Pool

Mansplaining Made Easy

The following is a repost from Lara B. Sharp. ~Editor

Poolside Mentoring

Poolside Mentoring

August 2 at 8:24am

Scene: Pool, balding man, maybe 65 or 70 years old, with blue, bloodshot eyes, drinking from a bottle of Ensure, wearing designer swim trunks, which are half hidden under a huge, extremely brown, beer belly.

Him: What’s that you’re reading, young lady?

Me: It’s a book.

H: What’s it called?

M: ‘Men Explain things to Me’, by Rebecca Solnit.

H: What’s it about?

M: It’s a book about how men explain things to women and…

H: Oh, so it’s a book about men mentoring women!

M: No, not exactly. Not at all, actually… It’s actually about how men…

H: What do you do, young lady? Do you work, or do you have kids?

M: Umm, I write.

H: Oh, you’re a writer?

M: Well, I write…

H: Who do you write for, young lady? Women’s magazines?

M: Umm, no. I write for Myself. And, I’m 47.

H: You’re freelance?

M: Extremely.

H: What genre, young lady?

M: Memoir, mostly.

H: You write about yourself? I guess most women do! What’s your book called, young lady?

M: I’m 47. What’s my book called? It’s called… umm… Facebook. I mean, I really just write on…

H: Are you looking for a man to mentor you?

M: Whut?

H: I can really help grow your book. I can help you. As your mentor!

M: You can help me grow my… book? As my… man mentor? This book isn’t about that. It’s a book about…

H: Absolutely! I’d be happy to mentor you! I’m retired. I’ve got plenty of time to mentor a young lady.

M: Oh, right… Retired? What are you retired from? Publishing?

H: Publishing? No, heavens no. I owned a chain of corner stores.

M: Corner stores, huh? Fascinating. So, how is that… I mean… OK, so… But, publishing is… I mean… Soooo… Did you, like… sell magazines, in your corner store?

H: No, no magazines. We sold cigarettes, potato chips, cola, lotto cards, candy bars… milk… dog food… toilet paper… It was a family business. My dad started it before I was born.

M: Right… Cool… Cola… So… Is that the only career you had? You went directly into the family business?

H: Yeah, started working in there when I was a kid, took over the stores, sold them, and retired. Did pretty well for myself, young lady!

M: I’m 47 years old. So, OK… Because I’m a writer, I’m just gonna take a few notes on my phone, while we talk… I don’t want to forget anything important that you might say… Because you’re my male publishing mentor… So, you spent your life in the family business, owning corner stores, and you didn’t even sell magazines, but you can mentor me in the Publishing industry?

H: Well, young lady, selling magazines in a corner store has nothing to do with the Publishing industry. Consider that your first lesson!

M: You’re absolutely right. (Holds up ‘Men Explain things to Me’) And, this is extremely relevant to you. You should read it. Mansplaining is…

H: Oh, no… Thanks, young lady, you can keep your book. I’ve never been much of a reader…

M: OK, right, not a reader… well, I’m going do some writing now. Because you’ve mentored me, and it has really inspired me.

H: Fantastic! What are you going to write about?

M: I’m going to write out this entire conversation, from my notes, and to the best of my recollection. I do that a lot. Then, I’m going to put it in my… Facebook… Book.

H: OK, great! Let me know if you need any more of my help!

M: You’ve already been really helpful. Thanks for mentoring me!

H: You write really fast.

M: Yeah, I use both thumbs!

H: Did you go to typing school?

M: Yeah, I went to a special thumb typing School. Because I’m a writer.

H: Yeah, I can see that you’re a very good writer. You’re also a very attractive, very sweet young lady.

M: Do you really think so?

H: Call me. I’ll take you to dinner. I’ll get your writing career on track!

M: Yeah, maybe you can get my Facebook in all the local corner stores… Next to the cola.

H: Sure! I can do that! I’ve got a lot of connections. I can do anything! Call me! You should put a photo of yourself in that bikini on the cover of the book! I bet you didn’t even think of that! OK, don’t work to hard, young lady. That’s your first mentoring lesson from me, young lady! Don’t work to hard! And, don’t think too hard!

M: Don’t worry. I won’t. I won’t work hard or think hard, at all. I never do… Thankfully, I don’t really have too…

H: Call me! Number is in the card… Don’t forget! Put that in your notes, young lady!

M: It’s already in there. Believe me, I’m not going to forget anything from this conversation. I’ve written it all down! Thanks again, for mentoring me.

H: You’re a good girl! You know, this pool is usually just full of nothing but old ladies. Not young girls, like you.

M: I’m 47 years old.

H: OK, I’ve got to go… Call me! Oh, what’s your name, darling?

M: Gloria Steinem.

H: OK, Gloria, call me, I’ll take you to dinner! I’m going to think of a new last name for you. Something less Jewish sounding. It’ll be better for your career! We can talk about at dinner! Be a good girl, Gloria!

M: How about Betty Friedan?

H: No… I’ll come up with something better than that… You look like a Chrystal or a Lacey to me… A good name is very important… Did you just write that down?

M: Yes, I’ve just written that down.

H: Good girl! Call me! For dinner! I’m your mentor, so you have to do what I say. Haha! Don’t worry, I’ll come up with your name. And, don’t worry about the photo, because I have a good camera. Have a nice afternoon!

M: Oh, yeah, the bikini photo! OK. You betcha! Umm… John Williams. Great name! I’ve got your card… Wait, no email?

H: Nope, no email! First rule of business… Never put anything in writing! I do everything by phone. Write it down, young lady! Never put anything in writing! Call me!

M: But, I’m a writer.

H: Yeah, so write it down! We gotta get that photo done right away! Call me!

M: Yeah, the bikini photo… Well, I’m sure you know all about photography… Buh bye, John… Thanks again, for all of this great material. I’ve written it all down!

H: Good girl… Call me! Don’t worry, Gloria, OK?! I know how to take care of everything, young lady!

M: Yeah, I understand… You can explain everything to me… About, everything! I got it… And, I’m totally going to be a good girl… Bye… !!!

(Writes out the entire conversation from the iPhone Notes app, onto her Facebook page, using Both Thumbs. Orders herself some absolutely HUGE ‘noise resistant’ headphones, from Amazon. Throws herself, head first, into the deep end of the pool.)

the me channel

[Help Wanted]

News Of The Moment

Me, feeling the breeze again.

Me, feeling the breeze again.

What I’m Thinking Now, Just So You Know

by Reviewer Rob

I have a laundry list of things I want to update for you here today but I’ll just start with my thighs are sore. Sore, sore, sore.

I wanted to do some cardio pulmonary in a way that was other than on the treadmill so yesterday morning before working out at my gym I jogged around the lower parking lot four times. Turns out I needed that more than I thought because my lungs were burning afterwards and today my thighs feel like I ran a marathon. I’ll wait a couple of days for my quads to mend before doing it again. If that brief of a run was enough to feel it I have to invest more time in that regard. I used to run a six-minute mile no problemo, for reals.

In other news

I got a short haircut. I plan to go shorter too, like two fingers high on top, and military length on the sides and in back. I know I know — all my hair fans asked me not to do it and are PISSED. But this hot climate-change weather isn’t showing any sign of letting up and they’re not the one that has to wear this thick insulating layer of long fur covering their head. I’ve missed feeling the breeze on my scalp. Three and a half years is a long time to go without a haircut.

Help Wanted

This is probably something for Craigslist, but I’m looking for a video editor who lives or works close-by. No Indian Subcontinent subcontractors, please. I want a local tech pro. Must be proficient in Adobe Premier CC and other related apps. Must be fast. This is a paying gig. I don’t want an amateur. Email me at

Also, In Other News, looks like my schedule should be freeing up more now and you’ll be able to find me at least part of the time in the great and mighty city of Los Angeles, hopefully. I’ll be closer to the resources for Reviewer Magazine and Reviewer TV. So, as they say, you’ve got that going for you.

Three years of hair growth that I was really glad to get rid of.

Three years of hair growth that I was really glad to get rid of.

Follow Reviewer TV


Reviewer, The Channel

Our New Direction, The Good Ship Reviewer Sails On

by Reviewer Rob

I’ve been meaning to expand in detail about the recent announcement that Reviewer was not in print any more. That’s partially true, depending on how you interpret it. But as far as publishing, we’re still in business, albeit online only for now. Later on I am going to post something explaining more in detail the factors involved in this decision. But for now:

So, as many of you know (those of you who are casually if not obsessively interested in this project of ours), after 20 years and 50 issues Reviewer Magazine is on an hiatus prom print. This is temporary. We can keep away from the printed page for too long, due to the ink being a necessary part of the publisher’s life. But when Reviewer Magazine return it’ll in a slightly different format. Perhaps it’ll still be on newsprint, but it will be thicker, with more pages, and it’s also looking more and more like it’ll be on better paper. We have had a love affair with the 30lb newsprint for a long time (20 years is gold watch-worthy) but the time has come to go more archival. I should also mention that there’s going to be a cover price. The days of idealistic and valiant struggle in pursuit of the “free” press are over, and I mean that statement in every sense our current political climate can have you interpret it.

The new iteration of Reviewer in print, when it appears, with probably be mostly based on transcribed versions of it’s video format. Most if not all of the videos can be found uploaded at Vimeo and Youtube now, Vimeo being where the new files are going and the older channel at Youtube housing the archives from before.

That will be the plan: shoot video interviews and then transcribe the audio to print and post links to the video when it publishes. Video has always been the best journalistic medium anyways. The written word is a powerful genre in the hands of an eloquent writer, but coupled with a visual document which can capture setting, body language, tone of voice, as well as a myriad of other factors, Reviewer TV will be taking this direction as far as we can envision it, and then beyond.

Please join us and check out our videos at Reviewer.TV. For now here’s some raw footage I’ve been shooting these past few days while on the road:

An art community in Joshua Tree from Reviewer on Vimeo.

Leaving Pioneertown from Reviewer on Vimeo.

at the Marciano Art Gallery on Wilshire from Reviewer on Vimeo.

Laguna brushfire about 12:00 6-29-17 from Reviewer on Vimeo.

border patrol checkpoint stop 11 a.m., 6-29-17, I-5 at Camp Pendleton. from Reviewer on Vimeo.

WNBR PdX 2017


WNBR PdX 2017

World Naked Bike Ride Time

The worldwide event comes to Portland again this month on the 24th.

Reviewer Rob

Last year I covered the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland as a photojournalist, and I was thinking about attending this year’s ride as a participant, but it looks like work will be keeping me in San Diego instead. This one will be at an as-yet unannounced location, and if last year’s protocol is any indication will follow a non-circuitous route that will be secret up until the last minute. According to their website the ride will be on June 24.

If you’re in the Northwest you should most definitely try to free yourself from social constraints and be there for this protest event in support of equality and acceptance. I’ve never seen anything like it and the people of Portland are totally The Bomb.

Here’s the photos from last year –> GALLERY.

Riders at the World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016. Photo by ReviewerTV.

Riders at the World Naked Bike Ride PDX 2016. Photo by ReviewerTV.

Russian Presidential Election Interference


“Meddling Kids”

Election manipulation by Putin, a thing of humor and satisfaction for our mainstream media?

by Reviewer Rob

from Intargam

Maybe our American mainstream news media really isn’t just one monolithic industry with one tight-knit cabal controlling it. Maybe it’s not significant that the only real use of the word “meddling” in popular culture here was by cartoon villains after they’ve had their plans disrupted, or “foiled,” by crafty heroes. But the word “disruption” was a perfectly suitable name for the alleged Russian cyber spywork in our recent presidential election. Even “interference” was good since it had already been entrenched via sports jargon. Yet all the big news outlets suddenly, and in unison, have chosen to to latch on to the use of this other arcane descriptive. I just ask, why?

#why #russianmeddling — in San Diego, California.

Scooby Doo’s meddling kids.