For accounting purposes, please make Reviewer Magazine display ad paper checks out to this payee:

"Les Revue"

That's right, it means "The Magazine".

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This page will make your advertising experience easier. All display ads must be paid for in advance in order to run. For ad payment, enter "" as the recipient at Paypal, or simply go directly to the Reviewer advertising account and pay by debit or credit card through Paypal by clicking HERE or on the image below.

Credit Cards Accepted

Advertising Rates for Print:

Preferred standard dimensions are listed. Other sizes may be available on request.

Eighth of a page, not larger than 4” tall by 5” wide (20 square inches) $225 per issue

Quarter page, not larger than 8” tall by 5” wide (40 square inches) $400 per issue

Half page, not larger than 8” tall x 10” wide or 16” tall x 5” wide (80 square inches) $675 per issue

Full page, not larger than 16” tall by 10” wide (160 square inches) $975 per issue

Full back page: $1600 per issue

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Print and keep the receipt which is emailed to you. EMAIL Call anytime. 

For ad art, email a color jpeg at 300 dpi.

Email a jpeg attachment to for the ad art.

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Press run is 10,000 copies per issue. All paid ads appear in both the print version and the website. Ad space is committed by Reviewer magazine upon payment by advertiser. For Reviewer magazine to build the ad for you add twenty percent of ad price to the total and waive pre-approval of ad design. Should an ad for a camera-ready contract not be received by deadline after payment has been made and space committed Reviewer magazine can, at its sole discretion, run a text ad in its stead. Advertisers assume all responsibility for text, content and components of ad. All ads must be fully paid by stated deadline to run. Should an ad fail to run for any reason money will not be refunded but an ad of equal size will be applied to the account.